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Shadow's Wild Epilogue
A beautiful morning graced Chinatown, fresh with the promise of summer. The admirable weather did nothing to improve the mood of Officer Silver, however, as he trudged up to the unassuming storefront and descended the stairs into the welcome shade of the pet shop's foyer. The Siamese cat known as Count D greeted him coolly.
"Ah, detective, it's you again."
"Yeah, it's me. I want to ask you some questions."
"I'm terribly sorry, but I simply don't have the time to entertain you today. Several of my animals are sick, Shenron is cranky, not to mention I've been feeling a bit peaked myself lately–"
Silver grudgingly held out his goodwill offering.
"Ooohhh! Niihau's Masterpiece Collection chocolates! Come in, I'll tell you whatever you want!" D drug him inside the den with surprising strength and immediately dashed off to set out his teatime paraphernalia.
Silver had to smile. He could always depend on the Count's weakness for sweets to get him the information he wanted. D preferred for
:iconshades365:Shades365 28 111
Shadow's Wild Chapter 11 - The End
In the dining hall of his mansion, Shadow entertained dinner guests, as he'd done for the past four hours, and endured an excruciating wait. He pretended to listen to the conversation, pretended to be interested, and gave noncommittal answers and comments, but his mind was preoccupied with the events supposedly occurring across town.
Had he done it? Had he arrived back? Had everything gone as planned? Every nerve buzzed with excitement, with the thrill of taking this terrible chance. Though his outward appearance betrayed nothing, anxious, nervous energy weighed down every cell. He relished it, though. Playing dangerous war games to get what he wanted always set fire to his blood.
'Don't let me down, Sonic...'
Finally, as guests sipped their after-dinner drinks and servants removed empty dessert plates, the maid Amy entered and approached him, distressed. She bent down and whispered in his ear, "Sir, the police are here. They say they want to ask you some questions."
Shadow turn
:iconshades365:Shades365 38 61
Shadow's Wild Chapter 10
Shadow clenched the steering wheel in a vise grip as he wove through the crowded streets and cursed the city traffic. Jitters of rage from the heated battle with his wife still wracked his body, but the accompanying adrenaline euphoria came more so from dreadful inspiration. He couldn't possibly work today; he had to get home and think, and calm down.
The dark, vengeful thoughts that slithered across his subconscious in the past had returned, building, growing stronger, and congealing into a terrible plan. He couldn't believe what he was considering– couldn't believe he was actually thinking seriously about taking a man's life. The inclination both terrified and exhilarated him.
He should have done this ages ago, as soon as he learned of the wild's talents with chaos. Sonic had distracted him so much from his ultimate goal of retrieving Rouge.
When he first heard of the shady pet shop, he had felt strangely drawn there, true, but he had visited on the pretense of buying some sort
:iconshades365:Shades365 27 70
Shadow's Wild Chapter 8
For almost two hours Shadow sat rigidly against the headboard, shell-shocked. The sun had traced its path well into the firmament before he finally stumbled out of bed on shaky legs. He made a beeline for the bathroom, then thought better of it and hurried back to yank the soiled sheets off to take them along, so the staff couldn't find out. He knew it was a mistake to sleep in the buff that night! He dragged the sheets to the sink and scrubbed furiously at the stains, then dropped the bundle to the floor and hid himself in the shower. Every nerve felt hyper-aware.
Shadow curled up at the base of the tub, letting the hot water from the shower stream over him. Rubbing his thumbs into his eyes and over his forehead and temples in a circular motion, he attempted to massage away some of the tension in his panicked head, which still felt as though it thrummed with electricity.
Ugh, this massage didn't help nearly as well as when Sonic– No! Don't think about that!
He clutched his quills
:iconshades365:Shades365 30 15
Shadow's Wild Chapter 7
As the evening grew long, Shadow found he could no longer create any excuses to put off Sonic's mealtime. He entered the greenhouse with a great amount of hesitance that night, but was relieved to find the blue male acting perfectly normal, as though the events of yesterday had never happened. Pleasant smiles and nuzzles greeted him. Feeling more confident, Shadow proceeded to reprimand Sonic about his behavior yesterday and about the bruises on his arm.
The wild just stared at him until he mentioned the bruises. He was alarmed that he'd hurt Shadow, even in such a small way, and apologized earnestly. In truth, he was hardly sorry for his tantrum– he considered a rage display perfectly justified for when someone else should come around speaking so intimately of their relationship with his chosen– but bodily harm in such a situation was inexcusable. Not to mention Shadow sounded quite flustered and frightened by his actions. Why should he be afraid? His friend was so hard to u
:iconshades365:Shades365 30 21
Shadow's Wild Part 6
Peace returned to the mansion for a time, until the dreary, rainy Monday when Sonic was awakened at noontime. The click and creak of the greenhouse door would have captured his attention at any time, since it always heralded the arrival of his favorite person, but Shadow never came this early, never interrupted his sleep.
He crouched within his treetop nest, listening, and extended his senses. The sound of unfamiliar, clicking footsteps met his ears. No... this was not Shadow's walk... not his breathing, not his scent– this person felt all wrong. A stranger had come. Sonic's face tightened into a grim mask as he stole away from the nest.
Rouge the Bat had returned to the greenhouse.
She strolled wistfully down the path, appreciating the greenery, surprised that Shadow had maintained the little forest. She wondered if he'd kept the place beautiful for her or because he didn't want an investment to go to waste. Probably a combination of both.
Rouge sighed and bent down to admire a w
:iconshades365:Shades365 26 41
Shadow's Wild Chapter 5
Three weeks after Sonic entered the short-tempered businessman's life, Shadow felt a sudden burning desire to bring the wild into the house and show him the rest of the grounds. He sent away all of the staff for the evening and night, and after the blue male's meal he led the surprised creature out onto the dark lawn. Sonic tread slowly, his eyes scanning the area (unfamiliar territory called for caution, after all), until Shadow grew too impatient and dragged him up to the house.
Once inside he allowed the wild a minute to regain his bearings, and to marvel at the vast and elaborate foyer. Then, smirking, Shadow began the tour, telling Sonic about the world-renowned designers and architects he had hired to build the mansion, and about the rare and high quality materials used in every part of the grand estate. He extolled the fine marble floor, the custom made carpets and Persian rugs, and the hardwoods used in the staircase, wall moldings and furniture. Every description included, of
:iconshades365:Shades365 30 13
Shadow's Wild Chapter 4
Sonic sulked for three days after the incident, retreating to his tree and ignoring Shadow when he would bring his meal. Shadow attempted to apologize several times, telling him that the shot was for his own good, but he didn't figure they were very effective apologies when he kept breaking up into laughter, and was actually not very sorry at all. Shadow finally coaxed the blue wild out of the tree and out of his huff with the promise of some very special, very tasty new dishes from his head chef, and offered him a grooming afterwards. They were back on good terms after that.
During Sonic's sulk, however, Shadow discovered a quite useful spot on one of the outside walls of the greenhouse where he could sit and spy on the creature. If he climbed up on the humidifying unit and sprinkler system, there was a space between their machinery and the temperature control unit where he could see the whole of the inside without being detected by anyone inside the greenhouse or outside on the groun
:iconshades365:Shades365 32 28
Shadow's Wild Chapter 3
As days and weeks passed, Shadow found his thoughts and time increasingly occupied with Sonic. They began to establish a comfortable routine. When he had finished his social obligations and his duties with the company and household, Shadow would bring Sonic his dinner after dark, when the wild was awake, and spend about an hour or so with the creature, watching him as he consumed his meal. Shadow despised wearing the turtlenecks required for their visits, but he was willing to deal with it for an hour a day.
Sonic would always leap down from the trees and bound over to greet him when he entered, full of toothy grins and welcomes, and he would embrace and nuzzle the surly businessman like a loving dog or cat. After that came the mandatory grooming session. Shadow put up with his attentions because he found the creature fascinating, and wanted to alter his natural habits and behavior as little as possible.
Often they would merely sit in comfortable silence. Sonic attempted to entertain h
:iconshades365:Shades365 31 18
Shadow's Wild Chapter 2
Shadow slouched upon a boulder in the enormous greenhouse, face in his hands, as he morosely watched the wild familiarize himself with every inch of his new surroundings.
What the hell was I thinking? he despaired silently. I'll have to keep the groundskeeper out of here, so I suppose now upkeep of this place is my problem, and Father will burst a blood vessel if he finds out I spent four million on "birds." Hggh... Well, Shadow, you've got your very own Wookie– now what are you going to do with him?
The trip back to the estate had been quite an experience. Sonic had been cramped into the very narrow backseat along with a cage of terrified, shrieking finches, and unfortunately the shopkeeper had neglected to mention that he'd never been in a car before. Shadow had tried to impress the creature on the expressway (and perhaps intimidate him a bit, too) by showing off the fast moves and powerful engine of his newest Lamborghini Spyder. However, the only result was Sonic
:iconshades365:Shades365 31 14
Shadow's Wild Chapter 1
Plumes of smoke rose from the damp streets of Chinatown, the night illuminated by an eclectic multitude of lights, by street lamps and headlights and neon signs and the occasional softer glow of a decorative lantern. The pavement shimmered from recent warm rains, heralding the return to warmer weather and greener days. Many people bustled among the maze of streets that night, attending to their usual evening business, but the lights cast strange shadows upon the stern features of one man in particular.
Shadow the Hedgehog walked alone, his long overcoat billowing and hover skates clacking on the ground as he strode purposefully toward his destination. Turning off the main thoroughfare onto a side road, he spotted the address. Ahead of him lay a small and unobtrusive storefront, with a simple hanging wooden sign that only read "Count D's." He was just in time to witness a customer leaving, a man with a satisfied expression who carried a clear plastic bag full of exquisite, tiny tropical
:iconshades365:Shades365 58 36
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I love anything with Sonic characters, FMA(Full Metal Alchemist), Pokemon, TMNT, Hetalia, any other good anime and comedy. I love my kitti who is a techno calico with green eyes. I'm 15 and love Cherry Dr Pepper and iced coffee! I like my hand drawn art more then my digital and if you have seen my art you know why. I love comments. I have no problems with any type of Sonic couples. I TAKE REQUEST!!! I love the piano but have no clue how to play it. PewDiePie and Cry are, in my opinion, the funniest gamers alive!!! If you want me to do something, just ask, I don't mind. I'm the type of person who does what other people want me to do and I have fun doing it. I'm in love with the man of my dreams. His name is Mason and I hope we get married one day.
I'm gonna do a comic for sonadow called "The Princess and the Gardener". I don't care if you don't like that title, I like it. so there. I'm doing it for a friend of mine who is doing a challenge so I'm super excited! It's not long cause I only have till the 9th but I'm gonna try for longer. And I have no way of posting any of the pages cause they are all gonna be by hand. So I'm ether borrowing someone's ipad or going to the library to use there scanner and paint. That's right, my library is super cool with super cool tech. But that also means I need to finish before the 6th cause I can only go to the library on Saturday.


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